Interrogations (Limited Edition)

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Limited Edition of Interrogations consists of a signed copy of the book and two archival prints in a custom made portfolio, housed together in a handmade protective black linen box with an embossed title. Limited to 25 signed and numbered copies.

Dimension: 9.05x11.8x1.6” (230x300x40 mm)
Print No. 1: Interrogation I, 2010
Print No. 2: Steal a man’s bread and you die. Sakhalin Island, Far East Russia, 2009
Availability: No. 8 - 25

About the Book

“Weber’s vision is clear-eyed and unflinching in its sober directness, which makes it both effective and discomfiting to look at.”

— The Photobook: A History Volume III

After a lone trip to Chernobyl in 2005, Donald Weber soon returned to the abandoned site of the nuclear disaster and spent the next six years in Russia and Ukraine photographing the ruins of the unstoppable storm we call history. Travelling and living with ordinary people who had endured much, and survived everything, Weber began to see the modern State as a primitive and bloody sacrificial rite of unnamed Power.

Interrogations is the result of his personal quest to uncover the hidden meaning of the bloody 20th Century. In dialogue with writer Larry Frolick – whose own ancestors had been decimated in the final months of WW II – Weber insistently and provocatively addresses his questions both to the living survivors and to the ghosts of the State’s innumerable victims, resurrecting their final hours by taking their point of view, and performing a kind of incantatory meditation over their private encounters with Power.

The policemen, working girls, thugs, dissidents and hustlers who inhabit these pages are all orphans of a secret History; the outline of our collective fate takes shape in Weber’s epic work, expanding our awareness of what it means to be an actor in today’s dark opera.


Publisher: Schilt Publishing, 2012
Softcover with cardboard slipcase: 176 pp., 76 colour images
Dimensions: 9.4×7.1″ (239×180 mm)
Language: English
Print run: 1,500
ISBN: 978-9053307595

Photography by Donald Weber
Text by Larry Frolick
Design by Teun van der Heijden

Interrogations (Limited Edition)

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