War Sand

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About the book

“Through the use of microscopic photography and with a kind of forensic inquisitiveness and existential wondering, Weber brings us close to these fragments, offering us, too, the longer view: the eerie hush of the beachhead and the expressionless features of the sea and sky, edged in grasses. The series invites a contemplation of the endless quiet that lies beyond the flare of bold historical events, offering a cautionary tale of the hubris of humankind.”

— Sarah Milroy, art critic

June 6, 1944: D-Day
The epic of war, told by a grain of sand...
The seacoast of Normandy churns with a forgotten history.

In this visionary rite of images, texts, and scientific data, photographer Donald Weber, writer Larry Frolick and physicist Kevin Robbie explore the sand beaches where the D-Day invasion was once fought, inch by inch, hand to hand. Their task was to gather forensic evidence, and determine the fate of this legendary battle over time.

The war-relics presented here create an immersive experience on the theme of collective memory. They include WWII spy-craft and old Hollywood movies, dioramas and drone-mounted cameras, private post-war memoirs and wistful seaside photographs. These artifacts reveal war’s quantum traces. And they expose our civilization's longing for a final victory over death.

War Sand seeks a great truth: What is history?

And what does it mean to us, its creators and survivors?

Book Specs

Publisher: Polygon, 2017
Paperback: 398 pp., fold-out map insert, 195+ colour images
Dimensions: 7.6×11.4″ (195×290 mm)
Language: English, French and German
ISBN: 978-0-9959377-0-3

Photography by Donald Weber
Text by Larry Frolick, Kevin Robbie and Donald Weber
Design by Teun van der Heijden

War Sand